Yang Flow (online)
with Karen


June 13 (Tuesday)
at 6:15 pm (GMT+09:30)

Class length
60 minutes

YOGA GARAGE ONLINE from my home to yours

This practice will help you to build strength and stability.

Linking breath and movement, Yang Yoga has a meditative quality that calms and soothes the nervous system, whilst quietening and steadying the mind.

Building strength supports joints and improves posture, helping to create a feeling of comfort and freedom for both mind and body.

Please note: You are booking an ONLINE class.

Please take some time setting your space ready for a deeply nourishing practice. 
We suggest
~ light a candle
~ play some gentle music if you like that (we have spotify playlists to share with you)
~ turn off your phone
~ gather your props (anything that may support your practice)
Some helpful props for this practice:
~ Yoga mat (or grippy surface)
~ Bolster (or a couple of blankets, a big firm sleeping bag, some firm cushions?)
~ 2x blocks (or books or tupperware containers?)
~ A strap (or belt or bathrobe tie?)
~ Extra blankets for support & to be cosy (you can go for it at home! ALL the cushions, doonas, fave snuggly things you love!)
~ Eye pillow (or soft gentle weight to cover your eyes during relaxation)

We have mats and props for sale at the studio too! Message us for contactless pick up