Slow Flow (online)
with Karen


June 16 (Friday)
at 10:30 am (GMT+09:30)

Class length
60 minutes

YOGA GARAGE ONLINE from my home to yours

Maintain Strength, Mobility & Balance

Slow Flow classes involve a slower flowing sequence where poses are held for longer, allowing you time to focus on your postural alignment and your breathing. The slower pace allows students time to develop greater awareness and inner calm while still being strong and physically dynamic

Catering for your individual needs this class will include breath work, standing postures and a chance to release, relax and surrender into deep calm with a delicious relaxation to finish.  
Suitable for beginners and all levels.

Making time to press pause and breathe deeply is something we need now more than ever.
Yoga and meditation help us to feel steady even in the midst of turbulence

Please note: You are booking an ONLINE class.

Please take some time setting your space ready for a deeply nourishing practice. 
We suggest
~ light a candle
~ play some gentle music if you like that (we have spotify playlists to share with you)
~ turn off your phone
~ gather your props (anything that may support your practice)
Some helpful props for this practice:
~ Yoga mat (or grippy surface)
~ Bolster (or a couple of blankets, a big firm sleeping bag, some firm cushions?)
~ 2x blocks (or books or tupperware containers?)
~ A strap (or belt or bathrobe tie?)
~ Extra blankets for support & to be cosy (you can go for it at home! ALL the cushions, doonas, fave snuggly things you love!)
~ Eye pillow (or soft gentle weight to cover your eyes during relaxation)

We have mats and props for sale at the studio too! Message us for contactless pick up